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This R/C aircraft has been an incredible adventure right from the start. Originally designed and built in 8 weeks, it is now at revision 7 only six years and 800 hours later! It is pictured here as it was first built.

Jeff Gilbert provided the powerplants and servos and the wing design is very similar to Jeff''s Diamond Dust. Propulsion was generated by two Kressjet RK-720's.

So far, the aircraft has completed seven flights and crashed five times! The first two crashes were due to pilot stupidity. The remaining three crashes were due to the airframes' propensity for pilot induced oscillation on the pitch axis. The airframe responds very slowly to elevator commands but once enough force is built up on the elevons the pitch change occurs abruptly. This year (2003) an FMA "Co-Pilot" will be used to stabilize the pitch and roll axes. Hopefully that will solve this one remaining obstacle.


Wingspan:   45"         L.O.A.:     78"

Flying Area:  1040 sq. in.

Dry Weight:  6.2 lbs    Flying Weight: 8 to 9 lbs

Power:  (2x) MVVS 3.5cc with an 8 x 4 prop @ 17,800 rpm

Min. Speed at rotation:  ~55mph    Max Airspeed:  ~145mph

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