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OBI Laser Products can provide complete engineering services from scanned art or photographs through machined and finished parts. Our system is unique in that it is sensitive enough to provide fine engraving yet powerful enough to cut through most woods upto 3/8" thick. We can produce delicate ornaments or robust and detailed laminates up to several inches thick.


Img12.pngCustom Machined Artwork - The Celtic knot to the right is an exquisite example of the laser machines capabilities.  It is 4.5 inches in diameter and is made from 3/8" thick Teak. Like the ornaments, this piece was created by tracing (in CAD) from scanned artwork. While some of this work can be performed by software, usually there are several artistic judgments needed to make the design machinable.




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Cad-2-Kit Service -  Send us your CAD file and we'll send you a kit.

Take a look at the drawings for the P-38 Lightning.   You'll see that the parts are all laid out on the boards from which they will be cut. If you provide a DXF, HPGL or GCODE file with separate layers (pens or tools) for outlines, through cuts and engrave cuts and your parts are laid out on stock materials then OBI will run the parts without intervention. Lowest possible cost and fast turnaround guaranteed. However, you are responsible for any engineering errors. Contact us now for details.

OBI Laser Products can be your online laser cutting machine!





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