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    OBI Laser Products has been involved in custom laser machining since 1995. We operate a machining and engraving jobshop working with wood, plastic, paper, fabric, glass and stone. OBI Laser Products also provides consulting services in the design, manufacture and operation of custom laser automation systems and CNC software.

New Stuff:

H80 Performance Charts

Jan. '06 -  OBI Laser Products is proud to announce our selection as the North American Representative for Heward Microjets

OBI will present the new WASP H20 turbojet engine at the WRAM show in February


8/2/05: Tesla Turbo Generator Demonstration Units are available: Tesla Turbine 


5/17/05: Our Dragon Artwork is finally on line: Dragon Artwork                



Stainless Steel Tesla Turbo-Generator achieves >38% efficiency at 250 watts


The new stainless steel turbo-generator has been shipped! The new owner will be able to power the unit up to it's full potential (~500 watts).

New videos are available.

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Christmas Ornaments by Ennis Mountain Woods  


This is where it all started! The Angel was the first laser cut ornament made by OBI. In fact EMW gave OBI a contract before we designed the laser machine!  We have since produced nearly 25,000 ornaments.


Dulcimers by FolckCraft Instruments 


Another long time client produces beautiful hardwood instruments. OBI provides intricate cut-outs, inlays and engravings to decorate these works of art.


OBI Laser Products can produce your laser cut modelling needs                               

    Img19.png     p38layout.pngdcp00170.png

   SR-71 Blackbird   R/C Aircraft                     P-38 Lightning Chuck Glider     

           Img8.png              rtyui

    Air Powered Tesla Turbine Model              Diamond Dust


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